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Tipsy Gypsy is a mobile bar service that let’s you be the guest while we pour the drinks! From simply showing up with our bar equipment to serve your beverages to us bringing a full-blown high tier cocktail menu/bar, we’ve got you covered! We are a social purpose corporation and we strive for zero waste events. Let us help you during your next celebration!


This is what we do…BARTEND!  There is no job too small or too big.  We got this! You just sit back and relax.  Be the guest!  We’ll pour the drinks.  Packed with a combo of professionalism, stellar customer service and awesome personalities, you will find your guests having a ball, while you have peace of mind.

<pause for zen moment of silence>



Here at Tipsy Gypsy we can provide staffing for your event.  We can serve, bus tables, help clean up—anything you may need.  All of our staff have current WA State issued MAST licenses (bartending permits) and Food Handler’s Cards.

To help ease the amount of work YOU have to do, and to help eliminate waste, we offer stemware rental.  Let us know what your needs are, and we can get you an estimate to add to your bar catering experience.  Let US do the work!


As owner and head bartemptress, I love menu planning and planning signature drinks is my specialty.  Let’s dive in and find out what drinks you and your guests will love, what fits the vibe you’re going for and let’s build a menu for your party!  I can also do all the shopping for you, so you don’t have to stress out. 


Q How much money should I budget for my mobile bar service?

Each quote is specific to your event. For the average "wedding" package (125 guests and a 6-hour reception) you should budget around $1500 for service and about $1200+ on alcohol for a menu containing beer, wine and 2 signature cocktails.

For a "non-wedding" event please reach out for quotes. It varies greatly on the number of guests, location, menu being served, the client we are working with (non-profit, for-profit, open to the public, private event, etc...) all of these factors play a role in the amount per hour we need to charge.

For a drill down on how we come to these amounts see FAQ "Why do mobile bartenders charge what they do?"

Q Why do mobile bartenders charge what they do?

There are many factors that go into any business while creating the price structure. The main expenses are website maintenance, marketing/advertising, bookkeeping/administration employees, lawyer fees, yearly business licensing, office/warehouse rent, and utilities. On top of that we also have to factor in catering license, liquor license, general liability insurance, liquor liability insurance, commissary kitchen rent, general office expenses, equipment use/wear and tear, vehicle payment & maintenance, and vehicle insurance. And, with any business, we need to pay a living wage to our employees and the business must also make a profit too! Fortunately for Tipsy Gypsy, we are a Social Purpose Corporation which means we are able to put our PURPOSE over profits. Our purpose? THE ENVIRONMENT! We strive for zero waste parties.

Our pricing also includes the set up (2 hours) and breakdown (1 hour). We only charge you for the hours the bar is OPEN. Behind the scenes in addition to the set up and break down we are also washing glassware, vehicles, trailers, linen, bar towels, etc... We also have to spend time organizing the warehouse before, during and after events which all requires labor.

We hope this helps our clients understand we are not just "showing up and pouring beer." There is much more to this! And we love it!

We love creating magical memories and we are honored to be a part of every event as most of our events are life milestones. We take our jobs seriously, not only help you celebrate in style, but we also take keeping your family and friends SAFE while partying VERY seriously.