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Flavor-forward cakes and desserts, classic training, heartfelt service.

Dessert is powerful magic that I take seriously. I spend my days refining my skillset, imagining new ways to decorate cakes, researching classic desserts and innovative flavor profiles, reading cookbooks and scribbling in my idea notebooks. I returned to school in 2017 to study Baking at Edmonds Community College and haven’t looked back. This career is a perfect fit for me. Solitary work means I can pour all my energy into the creative process- listen to audiobooks, dancey pop songs or have silence when needed.

I only make and sell menu items that I am proud of and would want at my own wedding or birthday. I use high quality (mostly) organic ingredients and shop locally. We are lucky to have Chimacum Valley Grainery nearby. Their whole wheat pastry flour is divine. I am currently obsessed with the rye flour in just about everything. There is something unparalleled about cake flour and refined sugar for certain recipes and I am unapologetic about using those products when needed. I am happy to share recipes or explain my process to anyone interested. I’ve worked hard to gain knowledge in my field and it’s NOT proprietary. A love of dessert is nearly universal. It brings people together like nothing else I have witnessed. Although I am a total introvert, I love being a part of so many joyful community events and milestone celebrations through my baking. The biggest honor is when customers order the same cake each year for their birthday or anniversary. That is the definition of success to me.



Q How far in advance should I order?

One week for single cakes. 3 months-1 year for weddings.

Q Do you deliver?

Not currently. I also bake for and run a coffeeshop on Saturdays so I am needed there. Conveniently located in uptown Port Townsend. Many friends and family will offer to help on your big day and this is the perfect job to make them feel important! :)

Q What days can I order a cake?


Q Do you offer individualized tastings for prospective couples?

Yes! Choose up to 4 flavors off the menu or email me about something new. Cost is $35 and is deducted from your total if you choose to book with me. Available dates are dependent on other bookings and events so get in touch sooner rather than later.

Q What is your style?

Very rustic garden party. I use lots of local flowers and grains. Feel free to send a picture of a cake you like and I will let you know if that's doable. Happy to use inspiration pics with the understanding that every cake is unique! Choose whimsical, vintage or minimalist decorating style when you order.