Join the Collective

Membership in the Collective shall be composed of professional individuals or entities that provide goods, services, or venues to events and/or weddings, the wedding and/or event industry, or wedding and/or event related events, on the Quimper Peninsula. Additionally, prospective Members must:

  • Member Businesses must be registered and conduct more than 50% of their business in Jefferson County, Washington.
  • Complete and submit the online Membership application (below) and accept the Collective’s Bylaws and other Terms and agree to abide by the Collective’s Code of Ethics;
  • Remit the initial Membership fee and annual Membership fee in the amount determined by the Board of Directors;
  • If a Business entity Member, be duly authorized to conduct business in the State of Washington and be in compliance with all state, county, and local licensing and regulatory requirements. Business entity Members must provide a valid Washington UBI number and/or tax ID number on the Membership application.
  • Consent to receiving all notices and communications sent from the Collective, the Board of Directors or any individual Director or Officer thereof, via email and must provide a valid email address to the Collective upon making application for Membership. A Member is solely responsible for updating its email address with the Collective.

Businesses incorporated after January 1, 2020 are eligible for a 50% discount on their first year of membership. Check the New Business Discount box in application before submission.