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Gig Seeker Membership

For individuals seeking Gigs & Mentorship (eg. servers and laborers for hire)

Are you an individual seeking new opportunities in the events and hospitality industry? Do you crave a platform that not only connects you with gigs but also empowers you with valuable mentorship? Join the Quimper Events Collective at our Gig Seeker Membership tier.

Mentorship and Career Guidance:

Our commitment to your success goes beyond gig matching. Gig Seeker Members have the unique advantage of accessing mentorship and career guidance from experienced professionals within the events and hospitality industry. Whether you’re looking for advice on improving your service skills or seeking career direction, our mentors are here to support you.

Networking Opportunities:

In the events and hospitality industry, connections are key. As a Gig Seeker Member, you’ll gain exclusive access to networking events, industry meet-ups, and online forums. Connect with like-minded professionals, potential employers, and mentors, building your network and increasing your chances of landing exciting opportunities.

Industry Insights and Resources:

Staying ahead in the ever-evolving events and hospitality industry requires staying informed. Gig Seeker Membership provides you with a wealth of resources, including industry trends, job market reports, and educational materials, to help you sharpen your skills and make informed career decisions.

Sign up for Gig Seeker Membership today, and take the first step toward a fulfilling future in the industry.